Online Safety Solutions for Effective Digital Learning

Lightspeed Systems® Solutions Suite

Ensure student online safety and educational effectiveness with the power of the Lightspeed Systems® Solutions Suite.

The Lightspeed Systems Solution Suite

Imagined and designed exclusively for K-12.


Protect Students From Harmful Online Content


Prevent Suicides, Bullying, and School Violence


Keep Students Engaged and Focused on Digital Learning


Complete Visibility into Online Learning


Scalable Learning Device Management

safety in numbers

The Power of an Integrated Ecosystem

Protect Students From Harmful Online Content

  • Leverage advanced AI to automatically block millions of inappropriate, harmful, and unknown sites, images, and videos.
  • Maintain CIPA compliance across every device.
  • Make YouTube a safe and reliable instructional tool.
  • Empower caregivers to monitor and control student online activity to ensure students stay focused on learning.

Prevent Suicides, Bullying, and School Violence

  • Detect imminent threats across all cloud-based productivity apps including Microsoft® 365, Apple®, and Google® for Education.
  • Analyze alerts in real-time for appropriate intervention with AI technology.
  • Rely on 24/7/365 human review from Lightspeed Safety Specialists, trained by both  threat assessment and suicide prevention experts, to escalate cases of imminent threat to chosen members of staff and/or law enforcement for immediate intervention.

Keep Students Engaged and Focused on Digital Learning

  • Have complete control of your classroom devices and maintain educational effectiveness.
  • Push classroom content to all devices, block time-wasting Internet scrolling, and monitor website browsing.
  • Receive real-time notification when a student is off task.

Complete Visibility into Students' Online Learning

  • Enable collaborative curriculum and technology decision making across a
    district organization.
  • Understand what students are doing online, when, and where—by district, by school, by class, or by student.
  • Easily detect which tools are in use, manage approvals, and publish critical information for teachers, parents, and community to mitigate student data privacy vulnerabilities.
  • Save money and maximize ROI on ed tech spend by tracking licenses and cost versus usage.

Scalable and Efficient Learning Device Management

  • Control school-issued devices remotely. Push, revoke, move, manage, and report on all apps across all schools and devices.
  • Set hundreds of policies, grant access and restrictions, and maintain  data privacy.
  • Easily locate and recover devices that are lost or stolen.


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Lightspeed Systems® Solutions FAQ

Can Lightspeed Systems filter IoT and BYOD devices?

Yes! Lightspeed offers solutions to cover Internet of Things (IoT) and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) devices on your network.

How does Lightspeed ensure the content filtering system doesn't go down?

Lightspeed filtering stores data locally as a backup, so if services go down, devices still get filtered properly. However, service interruptions are rare; their service-level agreement (SLA) states services are available at least 99.5% of the time. While their servers are continuously monitored, are average monthly uptime in 2020 was 99.9%.

Can I purchase your programs just for my school, or does this have to be a district-wide implementation?

In order to deploy Lightspeed products, we will need to involve and get approval from the district’s IT team.

Can Lightspeed Systems help with CIPA compliance?

Yes, Lightspeed Filter allows for out-of-the-box CIPA compliance.