The Future Of Device Management

DHE’s next generation subscription bundle can effectively boost employee productivity and IT scalability in one cost effective solution. Simplify management and procurement of a vast array of desktops, workstations, and mobile devices by having a robust computing solution tailored to the needs of your evolving workplace.

What Can I Do With DHE DaaS?

Design a solution that caters to your business requirements

Meet business needs with affordable bundles that have a price-per-device model

Adjust to business growth by adding hardware and equipment at anytime

Renew and upgrade technology investment to benefit from new enhancements

Devices Customized To Your Workplace

Being saddled into multi-platform environments can be difficult and opens your network to security breaches, making it challenging to assess the status of your IT environment, and costs an arm and a leg to manage. Worry less about upkeep, security risks, and capital expenditures by hand selecting devices for each unique team member on a scalable deployment plan.

End-To-End Lifecycle

The all in one life-cycle management solution is tailored specifically to your work and productivity needs. Build a comprehensive bundle of service options to cover every phase of your devices life-cycle from trusted brands.


Let DHE securely and responsibly manage your hardware at the end of its lifecycle and get the latest technology and hardware.


Give your IT staff a break and let DHE optimize and perform onsite maintenance and ADP inhouse services.


Design your ideal tech and software environment with our expert planning services.


DHE puts boots on the ground handling everything from configuration to logistics to installation.

Our expert consultants at DHE guide you to the programs and technology that align with your infrastructure needs. Contact DHE today to discuss your requirements!

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