Meet the DHE team

DHE is headquartered in the Denver-metro area. But we also have an office near Phoenix. Over the past 30 years, DHE has grown from a family business into one of the top computer and computer solution resellers in the West. Despite having too many team members to include here these days, we still treat our customers with the friendliness and service of a small company. That's why we've been in business longer than most computer resellers.


Elena Hammack is the CEO of DHE Computer Systems, LLC. More than 30 years ago, she and her husband Dan started the business, focusing on great computer products, service, and prices.
Although the company has grown, the mission and vision (as well as great products and service) hasn’t changed.
DHE supports various business, hospitals, and schools across the U.S. She continues to partner with leaders across the tech industry to continue to get well-known brands at great prices and prides herself on hiring fantastic people for superior service. All of DHE is especially proud of our 5-star ratings, which we’ve received since our beginning.

Among our sales team