Click any of the following to check your warranty on your computer or laptop. If it is within warranty, we can help.

DHE Provides Warranty service for Toshiba, HP, and Lenovo products. To determine if your unit is currently covered by a manufacturers warranty, please click on one of the links above. Regardless of whether your computer is in warranty or not, call us today, we are happy to help.

Once you verify your coverage, please make note of the results and click on the the Request Repair button to begin scheduling your service. Remember, even If your unit is not currently in warranty with the manufacturer, we are still eager to assist you with repairing and/or upgrading whatever you have. In fact, if your warranty is no longer covered by the manufacturer, we have a discounted program that helps with the labor costs and components needed to get you up and running quickly.

Please Note: The Manufacturer warranty doesn’t cover the costs of reloading operating systems, additional software installation, malicious software infections, spyware and viruses including detection and removal.