We help you power your workforce

Take communication mobile

To ensure efficiency of office and field work, reliability on mobile communications is crucial to the organization effectiveness of your company. Rugged conditions call for devices that can withstand the daily conditions of field work. That means we can provide you with the latest rugged technology to boost your productivity and communication between on-site managers, workers, and offices. Our experts at DHE can help you make the most of your unified communications by designing and implementing a solidified mobile network to streamline and focus effort on efficiency.

Data and software

Need a cost-effective strategy to implementing large scale software licensing and management to your organization? Our experts at DHE work with your budget, current software integration, and maintenance needs to make sure you get the software requirements you want. You can get the benefits of our software options and improve the scalability and productivity of your organization with easily accessible data and software management from DHE.


With cyber-crime developing rapidly and growing in sophistication, energy and oil companies are becoming a prime target due to expanding digital incorporation. We help deploy and manage a comprehensive and robust network beefed up with defense tools so you can safeguard your environment. Our network security specialists at DHE assess, plan, and continuously monitor your network security infrastructure to ensure your data is efficiently and expertly fortified.

Storage and DLP

We understand the volume of data you acquire and the high end storage system you need to sustain, manage, and secure that data. As your company expands, we expand your network storage and continually monitor your equipment to ensure complete scalability and critical data protection. Our DHE energy team helps bolster your storage capacity and develops a solid data loss prevention plan to minimize the risk of data loss.

Disaster recovery

A disaster recovery plan should be ongoing, consistently monitored, and maintained to protect your organization against disruptive events that can occur in field working conditions. Don’t get caught with your guard down. Let DHE help construct and manage a contingency strategy for any kind of harmful events to ensure safe 24/7 access to your data and solid backup storage compliance.