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Utilities and Energy Solutions

Manage resources and increase safety and communications

At DHE, we help energy and utilities companies work more efficiently by providing a range of solutions to help them better manage business. These same solutions can also ensure more communication among workers and protect employees.

dhe can provide mobile devices to help workers on the move

Go mobile

Your workers are at sites everywhere. We enable you to communicate with them better while letting them continue to work onsite.

  • Boost productivity and communication
  • Enable workers to work anytime, anywhere 
  • Give them onsite tools to enable them to look up procedures and safety requirements

Manage data and your business

Get a cost-effective strategy to implementing large scale software licensing and managing data to save money.

  • Understand integration opportunities
  • Better store your data
  • Move to the cloud securely
  • Improve the scalability and productivity of your organization
  • Easily access data to better know your business
dhe provides technology solutions and software
dhe provides technology and solutions to make your work and school safer and more secure

Be safe and secure

Oil, gas, mining, solar, wind, hyrdo, and other energy and utility companies are a target for cyber crime. Safety is also an issue for employees in utilities and energy. Protect your company, customers, and employees.

  • Deploy and manage a comprehensive network
  • Assess, plan, and continuously monitor your network security
  • Ensure employees get real-time information to better protect them
  • Comply with state and local laws

Prepare for disasters and business recovery

Be prepared! Get a plan and strategy for disasters, including recovery.

  • Create a plan, including the software and technology needed to recover from disaster
  • Construct and manage a strategy for business continuity
  • Protect your workforce, customers, and business
  • Ensure safe, 24/7 access to your data with backups 
disaster recovery and business continuity

Services to save you time and money

We roll out the red carpet for our customers, treating everyone like a VIP. Our services include deployments, installations, and more.

Choose from thousands of products and well-known brands

We’ve created relationships with partners that enable us to provide a wide variety of products at affordable prices. Find out about which computers (laptops, desktops, tablets, Chromebooks, and more), servers, storage solutions, projectors, accessories, and more can help your business.

Tough jobs demand tough computers

Get computers built to last, even in the harshest conditions. We're working with Panasonic to provide tough jobs with TOUGHBOOKs.