Student Repair Program

DHE Student Repair Program

Self-maintainer device repair program staffed by students.

Find out if a repair program is right for your school.

DHE Student Repair Program

Find out if a repair program is right for your school.


Learning continuity

Minimize turnaround to get devices back to teaching and learning.



Keep your devices in service longer to keep them out of the waste bin.


Practical skills

Give students practical tech skills by completing manufacturers’ trainings.


Limitless learning with
hands-on experience and valuable certifications.


Running Courses


Repair Guides

By having students join the school's technical team, students have the opportunity to learn, grow and develop marketable skills for their future careers.

Example Introduction Courses

Comprehensive curriculum that covers all the essential topics and skills needed
to repair and maintain Chromebooks and/or Windows devices. Curriculum designed to fit the needs of your K12 organization.

Introduction to computing

Basic concepts and terminology related to types of computers, operating systems, and hardware components.

Fundamentals of Chromebook and Windows devices

An overview of the features and functions of Chromebook and Windows devices, including how to use them, navigate the interface, and customize settings.

Best practices and essential skills of a technician

Skills related to effective communication, customer service, critical thinking, collaboration, leadership, and personal safety.

Troubleshooting methodology

A structured approach to identifying, diagnosing, and resolving common problems related to hardware and software.

Repair ticket management

How to log, track, and document repair requests, and develop techniques for managing a healthy workflow.