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All-in-one, purpose-built collaboration products for Microsoft Teams, including the ThinkSmart Hub 500, ThinkSmart View, and ThinkSmart Edition Tiny. DHE and Lenovo are making it easier to improve meetings and communication so your teams can be more productive.

ThinkSmart Hub 500 — your robust collaboration tech

Fast start your meetings

Meetings are time consuming enough without trying to get the technology to work properly, start meetings faster with one click

Easy collaboration

Better collaboration with Teams for Business on Windows 10 IoT. Control of displays, projectors and cameras by any participant


All-in-one system

Simplified deployment with one worldwide configuration. Reduce workspace clutter and lower hardware costs with all-in-one audio, video and computing

Eye-catching design

Anti-glare and anti-smudge display. Rotatable through 360°, anyone reach can take and give control instantly, enabling meetings to run more smoothly.

ThinkSmart Hub 500 makes meetings smarter

collaborative meeting

ThinkSmart View

Wireless, flexible — quickly join meetings and collaborate with teams. It’s almost like having a personal assistant. Almost ….

ThinkSmart Edition Tiny

It may be little, but it's powerful. (Actual size is about the length of a pen or pencil.) Lenovo and DHE make it easy for you to collaborate with teams.

thinksmart tiny edition

ThinkSmart Portfolio

Lenovo's ThinkSmart line can help you and your team improve communication, collaboration, and productivity.