Clinic Mobility & Management

In a fast paced clinical environment, it is imperative that patient data be accessed at anytime and anywhere with the advancement and increased usage of mobile communication. We provide you with the technology and tools to seamlessly keep you on the go while collaborating with fellow clinicians and tending to patients. With a secured and managed modern mobile network, you can easily monitor and maintain clinical operations to facilitate workflow and minimalize medical error. DHE provides the heartbeat for your institution by shaping a secure top of the line IT network to help you manage and organize your medical infrastructure.

Cloud & Voice Services

From video conferences and telephony to cloud storage and email messaging, communication is a key component to a successful practice. The ability to transfer data and communicate more efficiently with colleagues or other practices enhances your institutional data organization and improves treatment time through collaboration. We deliver you the professional solutions to digital data storage and cloud optimization to keep you on the leading edge. DHE administers the right dose of technology you need to enable real-time digital communication and cloud integration so you can have a healthy, functioning administration.

Server & Storage Management

Creating a secure and effective network is the essential foundation to a productive, proactive, and efficient clinic. Make sure your data is stored, managed, and virtualized securely with the latest network infrastructure technology from DHE. We provide the solutions your practice needs with powerful server and client virtualization, network storage, and regulated expert backup/recovery for your data. Did we mention saving money? Virtualization is leading the way in network technology with its ease of use and cost-effectiveness. Spend less time and money operating and maintaining and more time tending to patients and collaborating with clinicians.


In our modern day and age, the most important aspect to any organizations network is how secure your data is. We give you the prime technology and hardware to ensure your data integrity and confidentiality through our mastered configuration for threat prevention and DLP, physical and logical security, and expert authentication systems. Nothing is safe from malicious threats, which is why we deliver you the upper hand in advanced internal data security to make sure your network is at superior defense optimization.

Point Of Care

Never struggle when tending to bedside patients with outdated or malfunctioning medical equipment that is essential to care and treatment. Get the superb technology and support your bedside patients with electronic health record cloud technology to more reliably treat patients and reduce errors. Boost your mobile medical technology with PPID and MedID to provide quality security and safety for your patients. Our team of experts at DHE point you in the right direction for clinical excellency with improved patient care technology.

Digital Signage & Medical Visual Tools

There is nothing more helpful than visual displays and media in an empowered healthcare environment. With the latest technology in visual displays for healthcare, you will enhance patient and visitor experience and modernize your clinical facility. Give your patients and families the convenience and ease of navigation in your institution with sleek digital signage integration. We configure and deploy your digital viewing surroundings to meet your medical institution requirements and improve patient and guest satisfaction. From the lobby to the patient’s bedside, DHE provides you the solutions to seamless digital communication and information interface.

Software Integration

Elevate your healthcare IT infrastructure with the latest software for your virtual or physical network to keep productivity high and errors low. Our experts at DHE work with your budget, current software integration, and maintenance needs to make sure you get the software requirements you want. Stay organized and maximize effectiveness of your network and patient care with secure and optimized software applications. Our experts at DHE offer asset management and product protection licenses for your software investment. Call DHE today to discuss your software licensing requirements.