healthcare professionals need computers, servers, and storage devices


Healthcare Solutions

Save lives, improve care, and reduce costs

DHE healthcare solutions improve patient outcomes by enabling your workforce to do what they do best: save lives. Because we offer great prices, you’ll also save money. 

dhe can provide mobile devices to help workers on the move

Manage your health system, hospital, or clinic better and easier

Your medical staff is on-the-go, you need computers and technical solutions to keep up.

  • Access patient and medical data anytime, anywhere
  • Collaborate with clinicians and patients
  • Securely monitor and maintain clinical operations
  • Facilitate workflows and minimize medical errors
  • Reduce hospital-acquired infections and protect your healthcare staff by sanitizing devices

Go to the cloud, including for backups and storage

Telehealth, video conferences and collaboration, telephony, cloud storage, and email messaging are all important for a successful practice. We help you adopt the latest technology while reducing costs.

  • Move to the cloud, securely
  • Transfer data and communicate more efficiently with colleagues or other practices
  • Improves treatment options
  • Enable EPIC or other EHRs to connect, no matter where physicians are while maintaining security
  • Be prepared for emergencies and business continuity with virtual backups
  • Handle surge easier
cloud solutions from dhe
dhe provides technology and solutions to make your work and school safer and more secure

Increase safety and security

Protect your hospital, healthcare organization, or clinic from cyberthreats while enabling better security for patient data and inside the hospital.

  • Secure patient data and records
  • Ensure staff safety with webcams and security devices
  • Prevent cyberthreats and hacks
  • Provide procedures so staff knows and understands emergency and safety protocols, including for bio-waste and spills 

Reduce medical errors and save lives

Save more lives and reduce medical errors with technology that tends to your patients.

  • Support patients with electronic health record (EHR) cloud technology to more reliably treat patients and reduce errors
  • Boost your mobile medical technology with PPID and MedID to provide quality security and safety for your patients
  • Enable devices to check-in on patients
healthcare solutions to improve patient outcomes and save lives while reducing costs
dhe can provide digital displays for wayfinding at hospitals

Enable patients and staff to find their way

Healthcare organizations need understandable signage to know how to find their way, especially in larger health systems.

  • Use visual displays and media to empowered healthcare workers
  • Enhance your patients and visitors experience
  • Enable staff to navigate complex areas 

Your medical staff are treated like VIPs

At DHE, we're known for our service. We're especially proud to work with healthcare organizations across the U.S. Let us help your staff save lives.

Brands and technology to help your healthcare practice

We have computers (laptops, desktops, tablets, Chromebooks, and more), servers, storage solutions, webcams, and other accessories to keep your healthcare organization going.

Improve patient care: reduce hospital-acquired infections

Hospitals need devices to sanitize mobile devices, such as the ones healthcare professionals use for EHR, quickly. UVone disinfects devices in less than 30 seconds, getting your medical staff back to work. It's a great way to protect patients, vistors, physicians, and nurses.

Tough jobs, such as EMTs, deserve tough computers

Medical professionals on-the-go need and saving lives durable computers that can take a beating. DHE and Panasonic can help with the TOUGHBOOK.