Government Solutions

Governments use DHE to improve productivity and employee engagement while saving money


Creating a secure and effective network is the essential foundation to a productive, proactive, and efficient workplace. Make sure your data is stored, managed, and virtualized securely with the latest network infrastructure technology from DHE. We provide the solutions you need with powerful server and client virtualization, network storage, and regulated expert backup/recovery for your data. Plus, we manage and support your network services once they are set up to lighten the load on IT maintenance cost and increase flexibility in the workplace.

Go mobile

In a fast paced professional environment, it is imperative that data be accessed at anytime and anywhere with the advancement and usage of mobile communication. We provide you with the technology and tools to seamlessly keep you on the go while collaborating with fellow co-workers. With a secured and managed mobile network, you can easily monitor and maintain federal and civil operations to facilitate workflow and minimize error. DHE helps you improve the productivity of your workplace and engages your staff and partners with high end integrated mobile accessibility.

Storage and backup

Today’s organizations must have a methodized plan for data storage and a structurally sound backup solution in order to operate successfully. With growing cyber threats on the horizon, solid backup and disaster strategy is a must to ensure your infrastructure doesn’t crumble. DHE helps you manage and simplify your backup tasks and provides you with recovery options such as duplication, hardware and software integration, and cloud compute backup solutions.

Hardware and software

Getting a firm grip on your software renewal doesn’t have to be overpowering. In fact, DHE offers you industry expert solutions with cutting-edge tools to help alleviate complication and escalate the value of your investment. Our experts assess your hardware and software needs and strategize a plan to implement new or upgraded software fast and efficiently. We’re here to manage, track, and monitor your license renewals and hardware efficiency after your solution is executed to keep you ahead of the pack.

Cloud and virtualization

Lay the groundwork for a complete virtualized and cloud managed network with the most cost effective and high end hardware from DHE. Once we help you organize and formulate a virtualization plan specifically tailored to your budget and requirements, then we seamlessly deploy, integrate, and optimize your hardware so it’s ready to use. Your vision is our priority, so we provide the cloud computing options that propel business success with SaaS and IaaS services to get you there.


From assessment to data security, DHE knows the importance of securing and maintaining your data. Our highly qualified team of security engineers assess, plan, test, and continuously monitor your network security infrastructure to ensure your data is efficient and expertly fortified. After integration, we help configure and event manage the network to continually be ahead of cyber threats and reduce the risk of breaches. With so many different ways to penetrate and infiltrate a system, sound on DHE to provide the best and most versatile options to protect all layers of your network.

Wireless integration

One of the greatest benefits you can implement for your institution is the ability to access applications and data anywhere. Our highly qualified network engineers help you design and build a robust wired and wireless network foundation to accommodate and serve your institutions needs. Wireless integration requires consistent maintenance and network components to boost the strength and security of the network. DHE gives you the options and flexibility to construct your network according to your requirements and provide post software application, and security management.