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Our technology solutions help schools like yours improve education

K-12 school districts, higher learning institutions, colleges, universities, charter schools, trade schools, and everything in between — DHE has been there for more than 30 years to improve learning. We offer a variety of technology solutions beyond just laptops, desktops, and tablets. We’re equipping classrooms across the U.S.

storage carts and other education technology

Simple, flexible, secure tools for learning anywhere

Whether kids are in the classroom or learning online, DHE makes teaching easy and secure. That’s why we get top marks. 

  • Network and mobility options 
  • Certified experts and extensive contracts
  • Great devices, such as the Chromebook and portable storage carts 

Get social, collaborate, and improve learning

Prepare for the 21st century, including 21st century education. 

  • Browse videos safely
  • Get online directions online
  • Let students talk with peers
  • Keep teachers and staff connected 
  • Take learning to the cloud with secure 24/7 updates
  • Enable them to develop professionally, easily 
collaboration is easier with dhe technology and solutions
dhe provides fantastic computer service

Get treated like a VIP and prepare for faster learning

We offer a range of services to make it easier on your IT resources, teachers, administrative staff, and students. It also speeds up the process of getting students needed technology.

  • Enrollment and deployment
  • Hardware configurations for your specific operating system (OS)
  • Testing and validation
  • Delivery
  • Spares

Increase safety and security

With DHE, it’s easy to increase safety and security at your college, elementary school, middle school, or high school.

  • See what’s happening on school property to protect students from threats
  • Reduce vandalism, lockdowns, lockouts, and cyber threats
  • Communicate better, real-time, during emergencies
  • Reduce germs on electronics
dhe provides technology and solutions to make your work and school safer and more secure

We're proud to support more than 600,000 students as well as school districts with computers and classroom technology to improve education.

We're proud to support 600,000+ students as well as school districts with computers and classroom technology to improve their education

Wide variety of products from well-known brands

We have partners across the industry to provide better classroom solutions. We can even help you determine solutions available within your budget.

Computers, laptops, tablets, and Chromebooks

We work with school districts across the U.S. to get them computer equipment faster, including Chromebooks.

Charge carts and furniture, including AVer

The classroom has moved beyond chalkboards and clunky overhead projectors. Has yours? Welcome to the 21st century.

Cabinets that sanitize laptops and tablets, killing COVID-19

Worried about letting kids in the classroom this year because of COVID-19? Want to keep children from spreading germs? AnywhereCart makes a cabinet where you can sanitize 99% of bacteria and germs, including COVID-19, that ends up on laptops, tablets, and Chromebooks. It takes less than 15 minutes to kill 99% of germs. (We want one for our office. Really.)

Classroom technology

Empower your students, teachers, and administrative staff to share information and knowledge. Give them cases to protect their equipment. Use 21st century projectors. Best of all, you can get them all from the same vendor along with fantastic customer service.

Contracts make it easier to work with us

We're already participating in contracts school districts across the U.S. use. See who we're authorized to work with.

peppm contract for government

Arizona educators

We have a deal for you — Chromebooks, Surfaces, and classroom technology at discounted prices. (Our kiddos are in Arizona, too.)

Universities and colleges: get your esports game on!

Attract more students to your university or college. Promote technology and game design. Even get sponsorship from video game companies as well as marketing opportunities. Join higher learning organizations, such as the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, by letting students play esports. DHE and Lenovo can help you get started.

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