Mobility & Visual Tools

Easy and secure device accessibility for students and staff is critical for developing a successful, innovative, and integrated teaching environment. We provide you the network and mobility option you need to create a robust academic infrastructure for your students. Our certified experts work with you to build an extensive flexible mobile framework with Chromebooks and portable storage carts to accommodate students in numerous classrooms. With extensive mobile learning tools to increase comprehension, boost information retention, and evolve student academic experience, DHE is the backbone of your institution through integrated device mobility.

Collaboration & Accessibility

With the growing usage of internet, social media, and mobile communication, students and faculty expect the same functionality within the classroom and facility. Keep teachers and staff connected with mobile and IP-based communication systems to improve productivity and efficiency in the workplace. Enrich the classroom with a comprehensive and flexible variety of digital learning tools and video to keep students engaged, interested, and focused. DHE provides a multitude of rich media and communication resources for teachers to develop and improve upon their teaching models for a more effective and dynamic learning experience for students.

Cloud Networking

Cloud computing is rapidly becoming one of the most widely used storage and access methods in our modern academic environment. Designed for ease of access, security, and cost effectiveness, cloud networking gives you the upper hand in scalability and flexibility to deliver a cutting edge academic network. Stay up to date 24/7 with consistent software and hardware updates to give your faculty and students the assets they need to teach and learn effectively. DHE provides your institution with the power to increase infrastructure efficiency and save substantially on cost with our professionally administered cloud service layer options.

White Glove Service

Your newly purchased devices come directly to you installed, hassle free, and freshly optimized as soon as they come out of the box with our expert white glove service. We ensure your devices are professionally configured and customized for your institutions application needs so you can worry less about maintenance and keep a steady focus on teaching. From carts to cases, we stage your devices and configure them for mobility and network connectivity so you can access them anytime and anywhere. DHE gives you the quality and professional care for your devices so you can teach with ease and strengthen your educational infrastructure.

Professional Development

Prepare your staff to use new devices and technology in a versatile academic environment through professional development from DHE. Strengthen and educate your staff through our vast range of professional learning programs so they have the tools to provide immaculate teaching and development methods to K-12 students. DHE keeps employees engaged in modern teaching technology with media, video, and web-based tutorials through our advanced training courses. Our experts are here to improve your employees technological knowledge to further their ability to teach flawlessly and efficiency in the classroom.

Storage & Virtualization

Administer the most innovative teaching methods with cloud storage and virtualization to maximize efficiency of content and application access for teachers and students. Did we mention savings? With a sleek virtualized environment, you save money and time during maintenance and from a significant reduction in power consumption. We provide you with the tools to enrich your academic platform with virtualized servers and software implementation for improved flexibility and functionality. DHE is your answer to student success by lowering expenditures with administrative efficiency and increasing the quality of instruction and knowledge retention.


One of the biggest concerns for staff and parents is the safety of the institution. It is imperative that security not only be physically implemented with video surveillance, security personnel, and access control, but also digitally to keep cyber threats to a minimum. Coordinate with staff in real-time communication during emergencies and implement sleet network configuration to enable instant notification when there is a security breach. Your academia relies on the safety of your information, students, and faculty for vandalism, theft, and cyber threats through professionally optimized security device options from DHE.

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