Cloud & Server Management

The key to a successful company is the technology you manage with; accelerate your business with cloud computing and virtual servers to build a robust and efficient workplace. Gain the upper hand in management and collaboration with easy access to files anywhere and at any time with any device through the cloud server. Did we mention savings? Develop your IT infrastructure and gain substantial savings through cloud and virtual computing by reducing IT maintenance, hardware, and physical storage costs. With our trained and experienced technicians, DHE is your number one provider for high quality cloud and virtual server management and deployment.

Managed Services

Want to stay on the cutting edge of the latest technology, updates, and IT services? DHE brings the organization and a fully integrated digital environment directly to you hassle free with our managed IT services. Once we build your digital infrastructure to your specifications and requirements, we take care of the rest and fully manage your resources so you don’t have to. Get the benefits of our IT managed services by increasing performance of hardware, reducing hardware risk, saving money, and quickly adapt to new technology and updates. Our qualified IT professionals work hand in hand with you to give you the best third party managed service for your business hardware and upgrades.


With the dramatic rise of security threats, a high end security infrastructure is crucial for a business to keep employees and company data safe. Nothing over a network is safe in our modern day and age, which is why we help optimize your network to mitigate any security threat to your institution. Our experts at DHE work with you to provide top of the line security equipment and optimization to give your company peak adamant defense. DHE gives you the best cyber threat response time and optimization security hardware to protect your business from cyber-attacks.

Collaboration & Mobility

You need a foundation for collaboration in your business and DHE has the tools to make sure you have consistent communication between you and your work force. Whether it be through telephone, video, email, messaging, or social media; we optimize and set up a versatile communicative environment to efficiently keep your institution organized and managed. Prepare your staff with productive and enriching training tools from DHE to make sure you provide the best customer service and collaborative experience for your company.

Office 365

Manage your business and collaborate with partners and customers easily with the latest email hybrid technology from Microsoft with Office 365. Office 365 takes care of your IT management by making sure you have access anytime and anywhere, keeping your services up to date, and minimizing maintenance. Propel the organization of your business by decreasing capital investment and increasing productivity, collaboration, and customer relation management. With built-in-Security, 1TB of storage for each user, huge money savings, and ease of management, DHE has the advanced expertise to hurtle your company into success with Office 365.

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