Perfected Security for Students

Student Safety at its Finest

Enhanced Filtering & Visibility

With web filtering, cyberbullying monitoring, and self-harm alerts, Securly provides districts the eyes and the ears they need to maintain safety at all times, across different schools, and different devices. Technology evolves rapidly, so schools need solutions that meet the dangers kids face today, right now.

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AI + Human Common Sense

The world is nowhere near knowing the full potential of technology, but Securly also recognizes its limitations. Through risk analysis of automated alerts, AI and real people work together to keep students safe online, in class, and at school.

Shared Responsibility

Keeping students safe at school, in the classroom, and at home has never been the job of one person. It’s the shared responsibility of IT admins, school staff, and parents to protect kids in a digital world. As the internet’s complexity evolves, so should the necessary solutions.

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