lockncharge uvone device kills germs, bacteria, and viruses

UVone improves patient care and reduces hospital acquired infections

Kill 99% of germs, bacteria, and viruses

LocknCharge brings a medical-grade device — UVone — that disinfects just about any mobile device, including iPhones, Android phones, Google phones, tablets, iPads, and Apple watches. Best of all, UVone works in less than 30 seconds, faster than wipes. At DHE and LocknCharge, we want to protect healthcare workers, patients, students, and your workforce.

lockncharge for classrooms

Protect your healthcare workers and patients, office personnel, and students

Sanitizing and disinfecting mobile devices has never been easier or faster. Mobile devices — including those you use for EHR to collect patient information, work, or school — can be cleaned in less than 30 seconds. UVone is hands-free, visible, and can be found in convenient locations.   


Because UVone kills 99% of germs, bacteria, and viruses in less than 30 seconds, UVone is great for nearly any business or school. Healthcare organizations want it because it improves patient care and reduces hospital-acquired infections.

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Get students back to school, even during COVID-19

UVone makes it easier for kids, teachers, and administrative staff to get back to school. At LocknCharge and DHE, we want to help you improve learning, no matter where students are.

Get your workforce going, too

In some industries, it's just easier when everyone is in the office, working. Other industries require it, such as front-line or essential personnel. Protect them and keep them productive with UVone. LocknCharge and DHE wants you back in business.

Reduce hospital-acquired infections and improve patient care

Protect nurses, physicians, and medical staff while reducing hospital-acquired infections with UVone. We get your healthcare professionals back to work quickly, in less than 30 seconds while killing 99% of germs, viruses, and bacteria on their mobile devices. We know how important it is to get hospital staff back to caring for patients, where they're needed most.