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Lenovo – DHE in Arizona

Helping Arizona government

Lenovo and DHE are in Arizona teaming up to provide industry-recognized laptops, tablets, desktops, and services to state and local government.

With DHE and Lenovo, Arizona government runs better

It’s time to get products and services that really do more for your workforce — provide security and stability, increase productivity, and engage employees, even when they’re working from home. Lenovo and DHE are teaming up to provide great technology and service in Arizona.


Lenovo is known for the quality of our products. It's why we're the number one supplier for PCs in the world.

30+ years of service

DHE has been trusted for more than 30 years to deliver great customer service. Our five-star service sets us apart.

900+ government agencies

Together, Lenovo and DHE support more than 900 U.S. state and local agencies. We know government.


Why our products win awards

Lenovo products are sleek, innovative, and built to last. Government agencies use our technology because they’re secure, durable, and reliable. In fact, many of our devices pass military tests for dust, cold, heat, altitude, and water.  Best of all, we have a wide selection available. Contact us to get specifications and test drive them.

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Why government relies on our services

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Our commitment to the public sector runs deep

DHE and Lenovo deliver unprecedented service, reliability, and unbeatable mobility to more than 900 state and local agencies across America, including in Colorado, Texas, North Carolina, Vermont, and Connecticut. Additionally, 22-plus military and civilian federal agencies choose Lenovo to modernize their missions. We're also trusted by federal agencies, including the Department of Defense, Department of Veterans Affairs, and the Department of Energy.

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We're easy to do business with

We're already participating in government contracts that make it easy and convenient for you to work with us.

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We're in Arizona, just like you

When you need us, we’re there because we’re in your backyard. We may even have kids in your school district.

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