learning options during covid-19

School: online learning, hybrid, or in the classroom?

School: online learning, hybrid, or in the classroom?

It’s July and schools are starting to announce plans for next year. It’s understandable they’ve deployed announcing plans as COVID-19 (also known as coronavirus) cases continue to climb across many parts of the U.S. School staff are weighing their options, including the consequences for teachers, administrative staff, students, and families for learning online, requiring kids go back to school, or a hybrid of both. 

Also adding to the complexity of what schools — government requirements. ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) may hold or deport non-U.S. citizens here taking online classes. This push from ICE impacts higher learning institutions who have people from all over the world attending their colleges and universities. Protecting those international students may force colleges and universities to re-open rather than going online; otherwise, students may be forced to transfer to stay in the U.S. 

No matter what decision education institution staff reach, DHE Computer Systems, LLC is here to help.

Online learning

If your school or school district is considering staying home for the 2020-2021 school year, you may be worried about children using laptops. In fact, online we’ve seen teachers asking for laptops for their students. Many school districts are providing those laptops, cheaply, using Chromebooks. Chromebooks, starting at a little under $100, have a lot of computer power, have use the Google OS, and often have cameras built in. 

Still, there’s the matter of distribution of devices, ensuring the same OS is available, enabling the ability to patch and install devices remotely, and more. 

Here’s our short-list of what we recommend for engaging online learners while protecting investments:

  • Laptops
  • Cases
  • Warranties
  • Touch-screen displays for younger learners, such as those under age 7
  • Webcams 

If your school district is behind in ordering technology, don’t fret. DHE still has supplies that can help.

Going back to the classroom

In some places across the U.S., the virus is retreating or was barely noticeable. In other places, school boards have deemed that though the virus is raging on impacting public health, the economic impact or impact on children’s mental health is too great. Or, as above, colleges and universities want to protect international students from being held or deported. 

Regardless of the scenario, some students are going back to school.

Students going back still have lots of options to improve learning while keeping safe. 


Even those heading back into the classroom need flexible devices, such as 2-in-one laptops .. including Chromebooks and Surfaces.

And often it comes down to school district agreements or support concerns.

We always recommend cases if laptops are going home with children. It protects the device and the school’s investment.

girl learning online using a surface

Desktops, monitors, and docking stations for your labs

Schools these days have high-tech learning areas where kids are taught programming, advanced graphic design, and other skills needed in the 21st century job market. Although labs typically apply to colleges and universities, many high schools, middle schools, and even elementary schools see this as a competitive advantage.

Carts to kill viruses, including COVID-19

Sanitation carts to sterilize devices killing 99% of all germs, bacteria, and viruses … including COVID-19. When it comes to education technology, everyone in the office is most excited about this because it helps to protect the students going back to school. In fact, we want — true story — for our office. AnywhereCart and LocknCharge make two great devices for different needs. 

AnywhereCart AC-CLEAN can handle multiple devices — about a classroom size — and remove viruses in less than 15 minutes. LocknCharge’s UVone is great for single devices, one at a time, killing viruses in about 30 seconds.

Security devices to protect students and property

A sad reality is that many schools require security devices to reduce crime. When students come back into the classroom, it’s necessary to keep an eye on things to protect them. There are a range of devices out there that can help. (Yes, DHE sells a good number of them.)

Projectors, TVs, and interactive devices

Projectors have come a long way! So has learning. 

Most schools use TVs for television programs that spark the imagination while teaching (such as Big Blue Planet) or even YouTube where Schoolhouse Rock lives now. Some middle schools and high schools have programs created by students, including their own news to show. And even elementary schools have morning announcements not over a speaker, but over either the Internet or televisions.

online learning and classroom opportunities

Hybrid model of education

From a technology standpoint, this means you should have things to engage your at-home, online learners and those in the classroom. That means you’ll need everything above. It’s especially important if you have kids sharing devices to include a cart with nearly every room. 

Although we enable parents to buy gear for their children, we work mostly with schools and school districts. We also provide bulk discounts. Let us know how we can help you. At DHE, we think education is a priority, which is why we prioritize schools getting the technology they need.

You got a problem, we got an education solution

Don’t know what you need? Need advice about what technology will help your organization? That’s what we specialize in. Contact us and you’ll talk with an expert in the education technology field to make recommendations and provide discounts.

It’s why more than 600,000 students rely on DHE.