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Yes, we have Chromebooks

Yes, we have Chromebooks

It’s a sign of the times. Just about daily we see questions from panicked IT personnel asking who has Chromebooks and whether they’re available for this fall (2020 – 2021). 

For DHE, the answer is: we do and yes. We have Chromebooks and we can ship them quickly, before your fall semester starts. 

Here are a few other FAQ and answers regarding Chromebooks.

Does my school district already have a contract with DHE?

Maybe! We’ve already been working with a number of schools and are covered by a variety of contracts that make it easier to do business with us. See our contracts page for details.

How many school districts are you supporting? 

A bunch throughout the U.S.! We’re supporting more than 600,000 students (and schools and school districts). Just to name some local schools, we’re supporting Denver Public Schools, Jeffco County and Douglas County. Just this week, we sent Chromebooks to the East Coast.

We want to help schools improve education and are working hard to ensure we have inventory.

Why should we choose DHE?

Lots of reasons.

We’ve been in business more than 30 years. In the computer world, that’s rare. 

We’re known for great customer service. (The way most people hear about us right now is through referrals.) We often make the impossible happen because we care so deeply. See our customer reviews if you’re curious. 

Along with that, we add imaging, enrollment, deployment, testing, and other red carpet services. Our goal is to make it easier on IT people, teachers, and students. (We know there’s a lot happening right now.)  

We have a variety of stock. It’s because we’ve been working with well-known brands for 30+ years.

Lastly, we have affordable pricing. We even have specials for educators in Arizona.  


Can you get Chromebooks before fall?

Yes, but we recommend you order now! If you’re interested in a quote, we can provide you one. Get a quote. 


My question isn’t here.

No problem! Let us know and we’d be happy to answer it. Contact [email protected].

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