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Rugged industrial printers boost warehouse operational efficiency

A tough warehouse floor is no place for a printer that can’t handle the hard knocks. The movement of heavy boxes and equipment, the dust and dirt, and the steady demand for high-volume output requires the services of an industrial printer.

What defines “industrial”? We turned to Zebra, a globally-recognized leader in thermal printing technology, to understand the standard for a rugged printer.

To withstand the harsh environment of a warehouse, distribution center, yard, terminal, or dock, an industrial printer has an all-metal casing, protecting the interior mechanisms from the external abuses.
With the brawn on the outside, an industrial thermal printer needs the balance of brain on the inside, to deliver the functionality you need. An intuitive user-interface makes it easy for the workers to set up, load, operate, and even troubleshoot the printer, because downtime is not an option. You also need processing power for fast throughput so that the printer keeps up with your needs. A high-performance printer also requires some future-forward flexibility, so you can expand and adapt to your changing needs, like connectivity and media handling.

We looked at the Zebra ZT200 and Zebra ZT400 series of industrial barcode label printers, which are in use in many of our customers’ transportation and logistics operations, including warehouses. In addition to meeting the criteria listed here, the ZT220, ZT230, ZT410, and ZT420 feature bi-fold doors and media side-loading so that the printer fits easily into a tight space without compromising the ease of adding media. The print speeds are equally superior: 6 inches per second (ips) for the ZT200 and up to 14 ips for the ZT400, while still delivering the print precision (resolution and registration) you require.

The ZT200 and ZT400 industrial printer series are designed to be tough for durability, but easy to use. The tool-less platen roller and printhead allow for simple cleaning and printer maintenance. The LCD user interface provides easy-to-follow status updates.

Zebra’s industrial printers are also ENERGY STAR-rated to help you conserve energy while running with peak performance power. When you’re ready to discover how easy it is to work tough, contact DHE Computer Systems for a free demo of the Zebra ZT200 and ZT400 industrial printers.

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