February 2, 2016





With expanding population and workforce, you need controlled and precise organization to successfully manage the integrity of your growing network. Our highly trained technicians ensure that your software, storage, and network are in sync with your growing infrastructure needs.  Avoid last-minute panic and excessive cost by scaling the performance of your network and optimization of your equipment so you don’t have to perform frequent upgrades or waste money on avoidable maintenance.





Cloud & Virtualization

Lay the groundwork for a complete virtualized and cloud managed network with the most cost effective and high end hardware from DHE. Once we help you organize and formulate a virtualization plan specifically tailored to your budget and requirements then we seamlessly deploy, integrate, and optimize your hardware so it’s ready to use. Your vision is our priority, so we provide the cloud computing options that propel business success with SaaS (Software as a Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) services to get you there.